Philips HR1867/21 Viva Collection Quick Clean Juicer Review

Philips HR1867:21 Viva Collection Quick Clean JuicerPhilips HR1867/21 Viva Collection Quick Clean Juicer

The Viva family sized feeding tube means less prep work time and Quickclean modern technology keeps cleaning down to just one minute. Just juice as well as go.

Box Consists of

1 x Philips Juicer

Philips Viva Collection 700w Juicer HR1867/21 in cleaned aluminium

Get a real juice health boost. The Philips Viva juicer removes all of the healthy juice from your fruit and vegetables as well as could make up to 2 L of juice in one go. The XL feeding tube suggests that preparation time is substantially lowered before juicing. All you should do is feed your fruit and vegetables straight into the tube and the juicer will do the remainder.

You can try out a variety of various active ingredients differing from apples as well as oranges to parsnips and pears. As soon as you have actually made your jug of raw juice, cleaning your juicer might not be simpler. Many thanks to the QuickClean innovation, this juicer can be cleaned up in just 1 minute.

All surfaces are made with smooth as well as easy clean products, including the electro polished sieve, which means that the maker could be cleaned up in simply 1 min. To make cleansing even much easier or to purge with the machine between altering kinds of juice, Philips juicers currently have a Quick Rinse feature. Simply put water through as well as turn on and all residual bits will be purged with the juicer. In addition, the unique layout of the integrated pulp container indicates that the juice is directed through the juicer a lot more effectively. This results in even more juice being extracted from your ingredients as well as less mess is produced as all the pulp is directed straight into the translucent pulp container.

The translucent pulp container makes the Philips Viva juicer really straight forward to utilize, as you could see when the container is full. Also emptying the pulp container is headache totally free as the juicer could be put together and taken apart swiftly and also conveniently. As well as the benefits of QuickClean as well as obtaining additional juice, the integrated design additionally indicates that this juicer will take up much less room on your kitchen worktop.

Component overview
No need to peel off: Apples, pears, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, carrots
Eliminate peel off on: Melon, pineapple, kiwi, beetroot, ginger
Eliminate peel as well as white pith: Oranges and limes (the white pith offers the juice a bitter taste).
Get rid of peel, use seeds just: Pomegranates.
Eliminate stems: Grapes.
Remove rocks: Cherries, plums, peaches, apricots.
Use hulled (eliminate green fallen leaves, stems etc): Gooseberry, red bilberry, viburnum berries, sea buckthorn, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrant, cranberries, blueberries.
Adhere to basic standards: Lettuce, spinach.
What not to juice: Sugar walking cane, bananas, mangoes, avocados, papaya, figs.

XL Feeding Tube.

The extra-large 75 mm feeding tube allows you to juice even huge vegetables and fruits like apples, carrots and also beetroots without pre-cutting. This makes juicing fast, easy and also a whole lot less messy.

Smooth Surfaces as well as Easy-clean.

A great deal of pulp fibers typically obtain caught in the screen that makes it really tough to clean. Thanks to the QuickClean electro-polishing process, the surface of the filter is smooth so you can merely wipe away the fibers with a sponge or brush.

QuickClean Technology.

The QuickClean materials utilized to make this Philips juicer have been selected with ease of usage and cleaning in mind. All the surfaces are made from smooth as well as very easy to tidy materials so you can just wash and also wipe away any type of mess in just one minute. This juicer likewise has a stainless-steel coating so will look excellent in your cooking area.

Quick Rinse Feature.

To earn cleansing even easier or to purge through the device between making different kinds of juice, Philips juicers have a Quick Rinse feature. Simply pour water with and also switch on and also all residual particles will certainly be flushed with the juicer.

All Pulp in One Place.

Juicing could be messy, yet with this easy style function, all the pulp is collected in the pulp container. The lid and the pulp container are transparent so you can see your fruits and vegetables being juiced. You also straight see when the container is full which implies it is time to clear it.

Make 2 L of juice in one go.

Many thanks to the juice extraction system with QuickClean technology, this juicer removes as much as 2 L of juice in one go without the need to empty the pulp container.

Quick as well as Easy Assembly.

All components of the juicer have actually been created for easy as well as instinctive assembling and dealing with. This makes the entire cleaning as well as reassembly procedure quick and also very easy. The round design as well as smooth surface areas of the pulp collector make it easy to reach and also eliminate.

700 W Electric motor.

The strong 700 W motor ensures that optimum quantity of juice is extracted, with the minimum quantity of difficulty. It’s effective enough for blending, blending as well as crushing effectively.


All removable components could be cleansed in the dishwasher, so it’s even much less help you to maintain your juicer clean and on-line daily.

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  • Quick rinse function – simply pour water through and activate to quickly clean the juicer
  • QuickClean technology for effortless cleaning in just 1 minute
  • XL feeding tube so preparation time is reduced prior to juicing
  • Make 2 L of juice in one go, quickly and easily
  • No mess, no fuss, simple pulp collection
  • Product Dimensions: 42.2 x 23.8 x 23.4 cm

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